Photo: Anna Bergkvist
Photo: Anna Bergkvist


Tasty Toulon

The Provence farmland surrounding Toulon is known as France's food basket and the temperate climate and fertile soil are also perfect for wine making. Here are six great places to try out the local fare.

Photo: Anna Bergkvist

Fine seafood dining

When in Toulon, you must try the seafood. Restaurant Au Sourd is an institution and probably the best place in town to eat fish straight out of the Mediterranean. Mentioned in the Michelin Guide and having served locals since 1862, Au Sourd offers diners an impressive selection of shellfish, seafood and Provençale dishes like bouillabaisse. The wine list is dizzying with many of the countless selections produced by small vineyards in the hills nearby. The cosy atmosphere makes it a favourite for a romantic night out and the lunchtime set menus are varied and affordable.

Restaurant Au Sourd

10 rue Molière, Toulon

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Photo: Anna Bergkvist

Homestyle Italian cooking

La Fabbrica di Marco is the brainchild of Marco Casolla, a transplanted Neapolitan who now calls Toulon home. Homesick and missing the dishes of his childhood, Marco decided to bring authentic Italian cooking to Toulon. The first order of business was learning how to make a Neapolitan pizza, so Marco studied with a famous pizza chef in Naples and received his pizzaiolo diploma. You'll find plenty of pasta dishes on the menu too, and the pizzas are top class. This restaurant is tiny and friendly and there is extra seating on the covered patio outside.

La Fabbrica di Marco

27 rue Paul Lendrin, Toulon

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Photo: Anna Bergkvist

Local favourite

Cade de Toulon is a typical Provençal pancake made from chickpea flour. The history of this dish is as ancient as Provence itself, and it has different names across the province. In Nice, for instance, it is known as "socca". Many locals eat this every day and it is known traditionally as a favourite morning meal for builders. The cade sellers at Cours Lafayette market have special ovens for preparing and heating the gluten free, vegetarian pancakes, which are served in paper cones.

Cade de Toulon Street Food vendors

Cours Lafayette market, 27 Rue Paul Lendrin, Toulon

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Photo: Anna Bergkvist

Oriental tearoom

Le Chadao is a dreamy place with a bohemian, Oriental atmosphere. The main tearoom is decorated with treasures that the owners have found on trips abroad, sprinkled with flea market finds for a personal, cosy and unique touch. The restaurant menu varies from Lebanese mezze to North African tagines served with a choice of teas and other beverages. There are numerous options for vegans and vegetarians. The impressive selection of patisseries and tea blends make it hard to choose just one, and the mezze brunches on weekends are a favourite with locals.

Le Chadao

2 Place Gustave Lambert, Toulon

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Photo: Anna Bergkvist

Mexican slow food

Santa Rosalia is a lunch restaurant that offers delicious authentic Mexican food with a 'do good, feel good' twist. Supporting the slow food movement is an important part of the Santa Rosalia concept. All the ingredients here are organic, seasonal and locally produced and even the takeaway cartons are biodegradable. The food is seriously tasty and there are many options for vegans, vegetarians and the gluten free masses.

Santa Rosalia

36 Rue Charles Poncy, Toulon

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Traditional Provençale cuisine

L'Aromate Provençal came about after two culinary school classmates decided to join forces after graduation. Their dream was to stay in their hometown of Toulon and open a restaurant to highlight the best of traditional Provençal and Mediterranean cooking. Ingredients are always in season and locally sourced and most of the wines are from vineyards nearby. The flavours are rich and the plate presentation is artistic.

L'Aromate Provençal

32, rue Gimelli, Toulon

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