You can hand-feed the deers in Skandinavisk Dyrepark. Photo: Skandinavisk Dyrepark
You can hand-feed the deers in Skandinavisk Dyrepark. Photo: Skandinavisk Dyrepark


Get up close with the animals on Djursland

Can you train a shark? And what's it like to sleep among giraffes? The tip of Jutland is packed with exciting wildlife parks that offer a different kind of experience, where you can get right up close to the animals.

What Djursland’s wildlife parks also have in common is that they are actively involved in nature conservation and the preservation of endangered species – in the rainforest, on the savannah, in the sea and in the Scandinavian wilderness.

Photo: Randers Regnskov

Randers Regnskov

The Scandinavian climate could well use a little boost for most of the year, but Randers Regnskov is (almost) like visiting the tropics. It's hot, humid and lush here all year round and the playful monkeys, turtles and exotic birds move around freely under the domes among the rainforest's guests. You can experience the smells and sounds of the rainforest, animals from several continents and see marvelous tropical fish, strange nocturnal animals and even leopards. Outside the domes you'll find a park with a playground and farmyard animals, while the large Vorup Enge nature area, complete with roaming bison, is within family-friendly walking distance.

Randers Regnsjov

Tørvebryggen 11, Randers

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Skandinavisk Dyrepark has a lot of space for its 80 different species. Photo: Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Skandinavisk Dyrepark

You can meet reindeer, wolves, brown bears and lots of other Scandinavian wild animals at Skandinavisk Dyrepark, where the residents have over 47 hectares to romp around in. There's plenty of room here for the animals to retain their natural behavior, but visitors can still get up really close from the park's paths and gangways. Dyrepark is renowned as having one of the world's best polar bear enclosures and also boasts the world's largest aviary for its white-tailed eagles. You can watch predatory animals feeding and even hand-feed the deer yourself with specially made feed. If it's a full-on wilderness experience you're after, you can sleep in a Sami tent or shelter, cook over a campfire and go on guided night hikes among the park's animals.

Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Nødagervej 67b, Kolind

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Giraffes on the savannah at Ree Park Safari. Photo: Lise Hannibal

Ree Park Safari

On the Land Rover Safari, you'll drive among the free-roaming giraffes, ostriches and rhinos. Along the way, your guide will tell you all about the animals' way of life and fascinating personalities. The rhino has a fiery temperament, for example, while female cheetahs are extremely picky when choosing a mate. So it's taken a lot of maneuvering to breed the 25 cheetahs born here since 2002. On the savannah, you'll also meet lions, zebras, wildebeest, antelopes and many other animals from the African continent, while on the mini-train ride through the prairie you can see bison, bears and wolves.For a truly special experience, spend the night in a safari lodge among the giraffes on the savannah or have a go at feeding the monkeys and letting out the lions as a 'Zookeeper for a day'.

Ree Park safari

Stubbe Søvej 15, Ebeltoft

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The Kattegatcenter

The Kattegatcenter at Grenaa Havn shimmers with versatility and fantastic tales from the sea. It has everything from hands-on experiences in touch pools full of fish, crabs and starfish to training tropical sharks and sampling seaweed chips. The wonderful world under the sea is described with humor and plenty of freaky facts - who knew, for example, that it's the male seahorse that incubates the eggs or that the common jellyfish does not have a brain or a heart and eats through its bottom? You can put the icing on the cake of your aquarium experience at the Kattegatcenter by diving with sharks or even sleeping among them. If you're here with young children, remember to make time for the outdoor seal pool and the play area with lots of water fun and a huge climbing fish. The aquarium was named Best Aquarium in Northern Europe in 2016 by Swedish travel website www.barnsemester.se


Færgevej 4, Grenaa

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