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Naples through Ferrante’s eyes

For something a little different, why not visit Elena Ferrante’s Naples and explore some of the locations referenced in the books?

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Piazza dei Martiri

The square Piazza dei Martiri is where the shoe shop run by the Solara brothers was and where ­Elena secretly meets up with Nino. The square is easily recognizable thanks to the huge monument in its center with four lions at its base.

Piazza dei Martiri

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Parco della Rimembranza

If the sometimes feverish pace of Naples gets to be too much, head to the Parco Virgiliano, also known as the Park of Remembrance. Lila got married in this green ­oasis that has spectacular views of the coasts of Amalfi and Sorrento, Mount ­Vesuvius and the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida.

Viale Virgilio

Viale Virgilio, Naples

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Via Mezzocannone

This street has several references in the books. The beautiful library is where Elena liked to escape to during her studies. She also worked in a bookshop here.

Via Mezzocannone

Via Mezzocannone, Naples

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Gran Caffe Gambrinus

Between Piazza Trieste e Trento and Piazza Plebiscito, this is a café where ­Elena goes with her daughters. A classic place that has been frequented by Oscar Wilde, Jean Paul Sartre, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Benedetto Croce.

Gran Caffe Gambrinus

Via Chiaia 1, Naples

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Lungomare Caracciolo

Elena glimpses the sea here for the first time.

Sea Garden

During her summer job as a babysitter, ­Elena would often take her charges for a swim at Sea Garden, a popular beach area close to the ­center of the city. Nearby is “Bagno Elena,” rumored to be inspiration for the name of the main character.


One of the wealthiest ­areas in Naples. Lila lives here ­after her wedding.

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