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Ms Savvy is taking a quick trip from Stockholm to Paris. Here are our suggestions on how she can make the most of her ­journey.

Ms Savvy is traveling in SAS Go Light and she has ­EuroBonus ­member status. This means that she can only bring hand luggage onboard. However, as well as seeing the sights, she fits in some shopping in Paris and needs to check in a bag on the way back. 

Her wishes:
Lounge access, so she can relax and eat before ­takeoff.
WiFi onboard, so she can update her social media feeds.
Check in bag on the way home.

She can buy access online for €24 or at the lounge itself, but then it costs €30.

WiFi onboard
If the plane is equipped with WiFi, it’s easy to pay for and connect to the network onboard.

Check in bag
If Ms Savvy pays €30 for extra baggage no later than 22 hours before departure, she saves €30 compared to €60 at the ­airport. 

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