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Ms Manhattan is heading to New York from Copenhagen for a weekend of fun with her best friends. Here are some SAS ­services that can help them enjoy the most comfortable trip possible.

Ms Manhattan is not a EuroBonus member, nor are any of her friends. They are, however, willing to share one piece of luggage between them, though they may need an extra bag for presents they want to bring home. They also want to sit together, preferably in seats with extra legroom.

The luggage
Ms Manhattan and her friends have each bought a SAS Go Light ticket. They can each bring one ­carry-on and one small handbag onboard. They can pre-­purchase checked-in baggage for the one piece of luggage they will share and the extra one full of presents for their return flight. If they do this online no later than 22 hours before departure, they will save some 40% of the cost compared to buying extra baggage at the airport.

The Upgrade
Ms Manhattan and her friends could place bids to upgrade their tickets to SAS Plus. They can do this on SAS’ website by simply deciding how much they are willing to bid up to 48 hours before departure. If they’re successful, they will be notified 36 hours before departure by email. In SAS Plus, they’ll enjoy more room to stretch their legs as well as lounge access and SAS Fast Track. An upgrade does not however entitle travelers to additional bag allowance.

Lounge access 
There are SAS Lounges at the airports in both Copenhagen and New York. The lounges offer access to a buffet, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, WiFi and magazines. Lounge access costs €24 if purchased online and €30 if purchased in the SAS Lounge reception.

For extra legroom, Ms Manhattan and her friends should buy seats by the emergency exits. They should also select their seats as much in advance as possible, preferably when they buy their tickets, so they can sit together, since the best seats get taken quickly. It costs €55 to pre-purchase a seat next to the emergency exits and €28 for a specific seat in the aisle or next to the window.

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