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SAS best travel hacks for young people

You’re bound to be used to traveling but perhaps not under your own steam. We have therefore put together the best hacks before a trip for young travelers. Here’s everything you need to know when you travel by yourself for the first time.

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Passport and visa

Find out if you need a visa for your destination and if you need any vaccinations. Don’t forget to check the expiry date of your passport.

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Check-in at home

In most cases, you can check in online or by phone, double check the latest check in time. If you check in well in advance, you can choose your favorite seat.

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Be on time

Find out how long before the departure time you must be at the airport – this can vary depending on your destination.

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Permission of your parent or guardian

For certain destinations, you need the permission of your parent or guardian if you are traveling under the age of 18.

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Check what’s included in your ticket

There are often different baggage allowance levels. If you check in your baggage, make sure you keep the receipt safe. Without the receipt it will be far more difficult to trace your baggage were it to go missing.

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Mark your baggage

Make your baggage easier to spot by marking it in a way that makes it easier to identify. Bear in mind you often don’t need to take as much as you think you do, in other words, pack light. That’s better for both you and the baggage handlers. If you prefer to travel light and take hand baggage only, don’t forget to check the size of liquids in your hand baggage.

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You can often pre-order food on the aircraft

If you are eating inflight, don't forget that there’s often only one meal service. So, don’t go to sleep before the food is served, you may not get a second chance to be served later.

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Make sure you drink plenty of fluids

You should drink 50 cl of fluids for every hour you spend in the air.

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Pile up with entertainment

Download your favorite movies, TV series and music, so you can listen and watch if there’s no WiFi onboard. Did you know you can also download maps? Download a map when you have an internet connection, so you can access it when you have no connection but don't want to get lost.

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Bring some extra energy

Pack a Powerbank, so you can charge your devices. Even though many aircrafts now have USB sockets, not all of them do.

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Last edited: October 19, 2018

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