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Fairway to heaven

Mr Driver is going to travel from Bergen via Oslo to Malaga on a golf trip with some friends. How can he best take advantage of the extra services that SAS offers – so he can enjoy the most comfortable trip possible? Here’s our solution.

If Mr Driver bought a SAS Plus ticket, all of his problems would be solved since it includes extra baggage, a meal onboard, choice of seat and lounge-­access with gym facilities.

But even if Mr Driver, who is a EuroBonus Member customer, chooses an ordinary SAS Go ticket, he could still tick everything on his wishlist and tailor his trip in line with his preferen­ces like this:

The golf bag

A SAS Go ticket includes one checked bag or item. So if Mr Driver otherwise travels light with a carry-on weighing 8kg or less, he can simply check in his golf bag at no extra charge.

One alternative would be to add extra baggage when he buys the ticket or no later than 22 hours before departure – this costs €30, which is half of what it costs at the airport.
Advice: It costs more to add extra baggage at the airport, so it is smart to do this beforehand.

Eat vegetarian

You can buy meals when you book on SAS’ website or the SAS App up to 18 hours before departure. This means Mr Driver can get onto the golf course quicker – without needing to find something to eat first. You can also pre-order gluten-free and vegan food. 

Emergency exit

SAS Go travelers can choose their favorite seat onboard by paying an extra fee (Oslo-­Malaga costs €19). Here, it’s ­important to be quick if you want an emergency exit seat.

Work out before takeoff

There’s a gym in the SAS Lounge in Oslo Airport’s domestic terminal. Entrance costs €24 when bought in advance or at any of the SAS self-service kiosks in the departure hall compared with €30 if you buy it at the reception of the lounge.
Advice: Mr Driver can also take full advantage of the food, drinks, WiFi, newspapers and magazines included in his lounge access along with the delightful atmosphere.

* SAS terms and conditions apply for the products and services mentioned in the article. For a full list of terms and conditions, visit SAS’ website or contact SAS Sales & Service. 

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